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Welcome to SoilWise

We're dedicated to cultivating healing landscapes and healthy soils. Our mission is to nurture abundance from the ground up, foster thriving ecosystems, and create spaces of healing for all.

With a deep-rooted commitment to soil health, ecological design, and community empowerment, SoilWise offers a diverse range of services and products to support individuals, families, businesses, and communities in their journey towards sustainability and resilience.


Ecological Landscaping & Gardening

From native gardens to regenerative farms to cob benches and gathering spaces, we've got you covered from consultation to design to installation.

Soil Health Analytics

From germination challenges to disease to tracking soil carbon sequestration, we can help you develop and implement an appropriate soil health monitoring plan that works for your needs and budget.

Community Education

We are recognized for our accessible approach to education through community workshops. Our online courses empower you with all the essential information to do it yourself.

We have our California Native Plant Landscaper Certification through the California Native Plant Society, Theodore Payne Foundation, and Chino Basin Water Conservation District.

We provide comprehensive ecological landscape design and installation, soil health monitoring and consulting services, and community education through in person workshops, as well as online courses and webinars.

Our approach is rooted in a whole systems perspective, recognizing the interconnectedness of plants, soil, people, and aesthetics. We emphasize creative design that integrates these elements seamlessly, creating landscapes that are not only beautiful but also functional and resilient.