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Lynn Fang, MS

Lynn has over 10 years of experience in ecological landscape design, soil science, community composting, and regenerative farming. She centers on soil health as the foundation of thriving and abundant gardens. She is an adjunct professor at Pitzer College and works with LA Compost and ECOFARM. She has also worked with Metabolic Studio, Studio Petrichor, the LA County Arboretum Crescent Farm, CropSwapLA, Buena Vista Community Garden (now Gente Community Garden), and Huerta del Valle.


Ricky Martin

Ricky has a decade of experience in permaculture gardens, irrigation systems, natural building, bioswale installation, and permeable hardscape. He is a strong and skilled technician and talented landscaper. He has worked for Larry Santoyo and Saturate California, and has helped lead the Los Angeles Permaculture community for the last 5 years.